What is our mission?

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of people who have problems or want to avoid them and those who want to improve their physical condition. We do this by regulating the functioning of organs and glands on a 100% natural way. We use therapy based on thermoregulation.


What is the price of your services and what it contains?

Price of consultation is 80,00 EUR. In this price is included an analysis of the functioning of the body with our therapist who will explain extensively to you the state of your body and will also answered all your questions.

How much costs each subsequent analysis?

Price of subsequent check up is 30,00 EUR.

Where dose your products come from?

They are all made in Slovenia, Europe.

Does the consumption of your oils cause cholesterol?

No, unrefined, unfiltered, cold-pressed oils do not cause cholesterol even with increased consumption.

What does your method – TERMOREGULATION –  stand for?

Unlike pharmaceutics, our method does not cure the symptoms but works on the causes. When the natural resistance (caused by lack of balance) in the body is challenged, the temperature of the body will drop or increase. The difference in body temperature reveals the cause of the symptoms.

It is the science of heating and cooling of the body.

Does your method have an scientific explanation?

Yes, it has.

Do we need to get an check up fasted?

It is desirable, but not required.

Are all of your oils clinically tested?

Yes they are.

Can I consume your oils one after another?

Yes, oil s of Planet Health you enjoy one after another, the sequence of consumption is not important.

Can I mix the drops in same glass of water?

Yes, oils in drops can be mixed in the same glass of warm water.

While using your oils, can I stop using the prescribed medicines?

No! Regarding the medicines you need to consult with your doctor.

May I eat your oils even if I don’t respect your dietary recommendations?

Yes, you can. The fact remains that the effect of oil is much stronger if you eat as we suggested you.

Is a visit in Planet of Health an substitute for a visit with the personal doctor?

Irrespective of the quality and proportion of our review is a regular visit to the doctor, required. Planet of Health is not in the public health system and is not health care services.

Is there something you want to highlight in your program of therapy?

– It is very important the support of the family. If patients are surrounded by negative people who discourage them by their behavior, then it is a big problem.  Is very important not to think about the ugly things of the past, to slip away from bad (toxic) people and to think only positive. In this regard the support of friends and relatives is very helpful in our process.

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