Limfol: What our clients think about it

I came into the office “accidentally” looking for information for a friend, I am so happy I came in! I had wanted to lose weight through exercise but felt lethargic because my legs hurt, which was depressing. After my consultation I felt hopeful but wasn’t sure. I went home and researched Thermoregulation technology and planet of health and was pleasantly surprised to see this new technology. After the first few sessions I started to see changes which motivated me to take even better care of myself and the emotional changes started happening too- more self confidence, happy with what I saw in the mirror instead of hiding from it and covering it up. What’s great about this technology is that you work with it, doing ½ hour of aerobic activity daily, rather then surgery which is invasive, damages tissue and isn’t a permanent solution. The staffs at Planet of Health make it a pleasant and comfortable experience and there’s no feeling of shame or embarrassment.

Nives Bonin


Me es grato recomendar este tratamiento, yo pude notar la diferencia de antes y despues en la textura y apariencia en mis piernas. Si tienes la oportunidad od hacerlo, no lo pienses mas, no te arrepentiras, es excelente.

Cristina Luz Rodriguez


Después de haber probado todo tipo de remedies para combater la horrible celulitis y de perder peso después de nacimiento de mi hijo, fin encontré un tratamiento eficiente. Agrego que el servicio es muy bueno, personal y cálido. Con sus ayudo también volvió ha ser modelo. Gracias! Graciasss!!

Ariana Dominguez


I am very happy with the overall results. I noticed a huge change even from the first therapy in the way I felt. This is really a stress reliever. Something I did not expect but was really happy with!!

Melita Glavina

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