Revolution in the field of natural health diagnostics: detection of various irregularities with a single method.

Temperature is an indicator of the amount of heat contained in a system and in the human body our temperature is an extension of basic body metabolism and a host of other factors. Heat is a form of energy and every reaction in a human body occurs at a certain energy or temperature level thus tracking well with cell voltage and pH.

The normal temperature of the human body is around 37° C measured in rectum or vagina. It varies between 36.5° C and 37.5° C. Any temperature above or below this range is abnormal. At normal temperature, all body systems function efficiently, smoothly without congestions. Blood and lymph flow vigorously, all glands work well, oxygen supply for burning is ample, the CO₂ level is optimal, etc.

First we have to understand that in order for the body to function optimally, it continually strives to be in perfect balance. For this ongoing process, organs and glands play a vital role. Organs and glands need the right amount of nutrients to function properly. If the balance within the body is challenged, the body will show symptoms. These symptoms are indicators of an illness caused by physical unbalance. When the natural resistance (caused by lack of balance) in the body is challenged, the temperature of the body will drop or increase. The difference in body temperature reveals the cause of the symptoms.

POH method is based on the principle that balance can and should be achieved through proper nutrition. No artificial chemical substance can provide a substitute for the natural pathways of regeneration and self restoration of the human body. Our bodies are totally equipped with every mean for self sustainment under the precondition that they are nurtured in the right way. Therefore, almost every disease is observed as a systematic disease, or a mere beacon that the overall balance of the body is under attack.
The Planet of Health method is highly effective yet not a miracle
It would be neither credible nor sustainable to make claims that sound good, yet in reality cannot be delivered. The days of wonder doctors are over. Your health is a serious matter. There is nothing mystical about the Planet of Health method. The method requires effort. Unlike pharmaceutics, our method does not cure the symptoms but works on the causes. Therefore, if you are not willing to do your part (mainly dietary changes) and follow the method, results will not be sustainable. The healing process happens from within — allowing the body to heal itself — not from the outside. You have to enable the body to be in the possibility to recover.

Remember once your push your body over the line of no return, there is no turning back. In that case, our treatment can recuperate your health but not heal you 100%. Our method is a process and as a process it requires integrity and every step of the process to be respected in order to see results.

Planet of Health is a helper, not a healer.
Our method is principally based on the science that the body can heal itself if it has not crossed the line of no-repair. Planet of Health helps people to stimulate their body to heal itself. Our method works on organ and gland level. It is entirely based on the principle of nourishing the organs and glands with the substances that it lacks to acquire physical balance. When the body is in physical balance, it has the strength to build its own natural resistance against diseases.

PoH does not oppose modern medicine.
Unlike many holistic methods, we are using all the knowledge of today’s medicine to develop performing solutions. Planet of Health opposes the official pharmacy because it is unnatural for the body, generating damaging collateral effects and because of the fact that it generally does not tackle the cause but only the symptoms.

The reasons why we acknowledge modern medicine and science is because it helps us to discover more about the functions of the body. Medical technology has progressed enormously and revealed new insights about how the body works. However, much still needs to be discovered about the healing process. In fact, little is known about the real causes of diseases.

Thermoregulation of the body is the key for health.
You can compare our body with an engine. Continuously the body is burning calories. Our body consists of organic chemicals that react. Some reactions emit heat and other reactions require heat. Your body has an average temperature of 37 degrees. One of the first signs of your body fighting disease is fever. The increase or decrease of temperature is a clear sign of what is going on in the body. Today, scientists have perfected the measurement of the body’s temperature changes and differences. These differences and changes are a source of valuable information about the state of the organs and the functioning of the body. For the body to be healthy it must continuously heat up or cool down to maintain balance. Thanks to precise and fine measurement on 5 points of the body, it is possible to read 116 parameters of the body in a non invasive way. Good to know: a change in temperature can be caused by a chemical reaction (endothermic) or can be the cause of a chemical reaction (exothermic) in the body.

Natural substances are more effective than chemical substances.
Natural (organic) substances are being understood and accepted by the body. Synthetic substances are not recognised and confuse the body, generating adverse effects. If you buy a pharmaceutical medication, you will always find a leaflet listing the adverse effects of that medication. It is there for a reason. Depending on the state of the body these adverse effects might manifest differently. Natural substances are recognised by the body because they derive from a biotic (living) source. Since the body is a biotic organism it understands these biotic substances.

Thermoregulation is not homeopathy.
The difference between thermoregulation and homeopathy is very simple. Homeopathy is based on introducing minuscule amounts of (hostile) toxins into the body to force the body to fight against it. Homeopathy aims at making the body fight and as a result becoming more resistant.

Thermoregulation is based on the principle of restoring the thermic balance in the body by introducing nutrients to the body that are most lacking and as a result caused organs and glands insufficiency, which caused diseases. By introducing natural, body friendly substances, the body is brought back to balance and a natural resistance will follow.

We can say that the difference is a negative versus a positive treatment. Thermoregulation is by design faster and more effective.

Changing your food habits to support thermoregulation will not make you hungry.
A vegetarian diet does not have less calories than a non-vegetarian diet. It all depends on what you are eating. Olive oil contains the same amount of calories as butter. For your body there is only one thing that is vital — the amount of calories. Calories define the quality of the fuel your body gets to burn. Changing food habits will actually increase the amount of nutrients your body will receive. The reason why people are reluctant in regard to changing diet is simply habit and taste.

Synthetic substances and organic substances are not the same for your body.
Planet of Health adopts only organic substances for thermoregulation. The reason is straight forward. Our body is a biotic (living) organism. Our body consists of organic minerals and chemicals. Synthetic minerals and chemicals are not recognised by the body. It is apparently not enough to have the same chemical composition. The body seems to recognise organic substances better. So substances deriving from biotic organisms are easily recognised and absorbed by the body without adverse effects. On the other hand, synthetic substances confuse the body and cause adverse effects.

Taking pharmaceuticals does not make people healthy.
Pharmaceuticals are designed to attack the symptoms or to mask them. No honest expert is going to tell you that pharmaceutical heal you. They can only relief some of the pain or mask the effects of a disease until the body is able to heal itself. Pharmaceuticals destroy cells, the good and the bad. If a drug is well designed, then the adverse effects are reduced. Take drugs only if it is really necessary. Only about 20% of the drugs on the market really help people.

We are working to get thermoregulation supported by the health system.
Thermoregulation is based on pure science and effectively helps people to restore their health. It therefore helps policy makers to save money. They are all interested, especially now that budgets are being challenged to introduce solutions that cost less and are more effective. Thermoregulation is not a black box. We know how its works and can prove why it works and the results are technically measurable and verifiable. We believe that eventually, the health system will become a great endorser of thermoregulation.

The success of treatment for most diseases of the 21st century is critically influenced by proper diagnosis and early diagnosis of symptoms. With the timely identification of problems, we can slow down or prevent their development, so the medical profession has been encouraging people to visit preventive examinations for many years. For complete human diagnosis, it was sometimes necessary to carry out a number of tests and to use a variety of methods in order for doctors to obtain an overall picture of the patient’s health. Today, even more universal methods are available.

Thermoregulation method allows preventive detection of changes throughout the year before the actual symptoms of the disease occur. When examining, there is no contact with the needles, the method is completely safe, without radiation and no pain.

Is thermoregulation suitable for me?
It is one of the few methods that is suitable for all and is completely without side effects. It helps to detect the first irregularities before the disease is realized. Thus, on the basis of visible results and expert advice, we can take the right measures to prevent the onset and progression of the disease.

Medical thermography is also ideal for all those who already have health problems, but do not find the right cause for them.



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